Welcome to 3D Micro-Nano Strucutures Laboratory (Next-generation MEMS/NEMS Laboratory).

   We made the rapid growth being over just 13 years, because of responsibility about 3DMNSL. And, the environment of studying and researching is the best condition that the professor always provides and emphasizes.

   The main research areas of 3DMNSL is the development and research of MEMS(Micro Electro Mechanical Systems). We exploit the 3-D structure for IT devices and have reliable skills for that. Moreover, Cross-link of MEMS and Nano Technology, have the enormous potential,  is our concern and one of the main research areas.

   The Lab. motto is to create and to accumulate a store of knowledge and to use for devotion to the welfare of mankind.

Students make an effort how they can contribute to the Lab., and prof. Jun-Bo Yoon always thinks that he makes an effort how he can contribute to enhance the value of education and research and to serve students’ career life.



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