Wireless MEMS

MEMS Technology in RF Applications

RF MEMS are microsystems for radio frequency and millimeter wave applications. Examples of devices are micro-switches, tunable capacitors, micromachined inductors, micromachined antennas, and micro-transmission lines.

RF MEMS are manufactured using micromachining technologies, such as bulk micromachining, surface micromachining, fusion bonding or LIGA and by using materials such as Si, GaAs, glass, SiC or SOI substrates. In addition to their potential for integration and miniaturization, RF MEMS offer improved performances compared to conventional communications, such as lower power consumption, lower losses, higher linearity, and higher Q factors. Furthermore, RF MEMS components enable new architectures for the next generations of telecommunication systems, which can be easily and rapidly reconfigured and which can operate over a wide frequency range.

Final objective of our group is development and integration of high performance components for system on a chip (SOC) and our researchers are focused on micromachined high-Q inductor for RF ICs and micromachined antennas for millimeter wave applications.

SEM microphotographs of the fabricated RF inductors and microwave/millimeter-wave transmission lines are shown below.


  • Choi Dong-Hun (Ph.D. Candidate, 2nd year)
  • Choi Dong-Hun (Ph.D. Candidate, 2nd year)
  • Song Seok-Ho (M.S. Candidate, 1st year)


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