Memory MEMS

MEMS Technology in Memory Fields

Conventional semiconductor technologies are have been suffered from a number of difficult challenges in continuing to scale beyond sub-100nm such as short-channel effect, quantum tunneling effect through gate-oxide, sub-threshold characteristic limitation, power dissipation, and soft error have been encountered. Furthermore there is no more improvement in economical productivity and device performance in the recent semiconductor technology. To scale-down the device, it requires highly advanced lithography technology and huge amount of investment, but they are not cost effective anymore. To find out solutions for the conventional semiconductor technologies, we newly propose the emerging memory technology using Nano Electro Mechanical System (NEMS). NEMS based memory devices expected to have low operation voltage, almost zero leakage current, low power consumption, high speed operation and also 3D multi-layer high density stacking.



  • Lee Byung-Ki (Ph.D. Candidate, 5th year)
  • Lee Jeung-Oen (Ph.D. Candidate, 3rd year)
  • Yang Hyun-Ho (Ph.D. Candidate, 2nd year)
  • Kim Min-Woo (Ph.D. Candidate, 2nd year)
  • Ko Seung-Duk (Ph.D. Candidate, 1st year)
  • Choi Seonjin (M.S. Candidate, 1st year)

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