Research Area

Display MEMS

A research area that produces epoch-making and usable 3D Micro-Nano structures with an original ideas. DMD(Digital Micromirror Device) for DLP Projection System in Display MEMS field, Micro Shutter for transmissive display, AMOLED driving switch using MEMS , MLA(Microlens Array) for Optical system are developed. More



Memory MEMS

One of the founding focuses of our laboratory is the development of emerging memory technology using Nano Electro Mechanical System (NEMS). NEMS based memory devices expected to have low operation voltage, almost zero leakage current, low power consumption, high speed operation and also 3D multi-layer high density stacking. More



Wireless MEMS

RF MEMS are microsystems for radio frequency and millimeter wave applications. Examples of devices are micro-switches, variable capacitors, micromachined inductors, micromachined antennas, and micro-transmission lines. Final objective of our group is development and integration of high performance components for system on a chip (SOC) More