Min-Ho Seo, Ph.D.


Current Position
Post-doctoral Researcher
E-mail: mhseo AT 3dmems.kaist.ac.kr

Periods with 3DMNSL
(2013.02 ~ 2018.02 Ph.D.)
(2011.02 ~ 2013.02 M.S.)

Ph.D.: Development Of Wafer-Scale Nanowire Transfer Method With Various Temperature Thermal Treatment For High-Performance Flexible Devices
M.S.: Demonstration of graphene contact MEMS switch and its characterization

Journal Papers
1. Min-Ho Seo, Dong-Hoon Choi, In-Ho Kim, Hyung-Jo Jung and Jun-Bo Yoon “Multi-resonant Energy Harvester Exploiting High-Mode Resonances Frequency Down-shifted by a Flexible Body Beam” Applied Physics Letters, vol. 101, no. 12, 123903. (2012)
2. Min-Ho Seo, Hyun-Ho Yang, Kwang-Wook Choi, Jae-Shin Lee, and Jun-Bo Yoon, “A simple breathing rate-sensing method exploiting a temporarily condensed water layer formed on an oxidized surface”, Applied Physics Letters, vol. 106, no. 5. (2015)
3. Min-Ho Seo, Jae-Young Yoo, So-Young Choi, Jae-Shin Lee, Kwang-Wook Choi, Chang Kyu Jeong, Keon Jae Lee and Jun-Bo Yoon “Versatile Transfer of an Ultralong and Seamless Nanowires Array Crystallized at High Temperature for use in High Performance Flexible Devices” ACS Nano, vol. 11, no. 2, pp. 1520-1529. (2017)
4. Min-Ho Seo, Jae-Hyeon Ko, Jeong Oen Lee, Seung-Deok Ko, Jeong Hun Mun, Byung Jin Cho, Yong-Hyun Kim, and Jun-Bo Yoon “>1000-Fold Lifetime Extension of Nickel Electromechanical Contact Device via Graphene” ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, vol. 10, no. 10, pp. 9085-9093 (2018)
5. Min-Ho Seo, Seon-Jin Choi, Sang Hyun Park, Jae-Young Yoo, Sung Kyu Lee, Jae-Shin Lee, Kwang-Wook Choi, Min-Seung Jo, Il-Doo Kim, Jun-Bo Yoon “Material-Independent Nano-Transfer onto a Flexible Substrate Using Mechanical-Interlocking Structure” ACS Nano, Accepted (2018)