Keun-Seo Lim, Ph.D.

임근서 박사
Current Position
Co-Founder and CTO, MEMSLUX Co.
E-mail: kslim AT


Periods with 3DMNSL
(2011.02 ~ 2017.02 Ph.D.)
(2009.02 ~ 2011.01 M.S.)

Ph.D.: Development of High Performance Electrostatic Microshutter with High Opening Ratio
M.S.: A New Microshutter Display Device with High Light Efficiency and Low Actuation Voltage and Its Applications

Journal Papers
1.Keun-Seo Lim, and Jun-Bo Yoon. “Stepwise Actuation of an Electrostatic Bimorph Cantilever Actuator Using a Patterned Bottom Electrode.” Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems , Vol. 25, Issue. 5, pp. 909-915.(2016):