Seung-Deok Ko, Ph.D.

Current Position
Post-doctoral Researcher
Georgia Institute of Technology
E-mail: sdko.mems AT


Periods with 3DMNSL
(2008.02 ~ 2016.02 M.S.-Ph.D.)

Ph.D.: Study on the Topographic Approach for Lifetime Enhancement of MEMS Switch

Journal Papers
1. Seung-Deok Ko, Jeong Oen Lee, Hyun-Ho Yang, Min-Wu Kim, Yong-Ha Song and Jun-Bo Yoon, “An Insulating Liquid Environment for Reducing Adhesion in a Microelectromechanical System”, Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 99, Issue 11, 113516. (2011)
2. Seung-Deok Ko, Min-Ho Seo, Yong-Hoon Yoon, Chang-Hoon Han, Keun-Seo Lim, Chang-Keun Kim, and Jun-Bo Yoon, “Investigation of the Nanoparticle Electrical Contact Lubrication in MEMS Switches”, Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems, Vol. 26, No. 6. (2017)