[2] Byung-Chul Lee, M.S.

bcleeCurrent Position
Research Engineer
E-mail: bclee AT kist.re.kr


Periods with 3DMNSL
(2003.03 ~ 2005.02 M.S.)

M.S.: Micromachined high-Q inductor using multi-walled carbon nanotube interconnects 

[1] Yun-Seok Choi, Ph.D.

yschoiCurrent Position
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
E-mail: yunseok04.choi AT samsung.com


Periods with 3DMNSL
(1999.03 ~ 2004.02 Ph.D.)
(1997.03 ~ 1999.02 M.S.)

Ph.D.: Experimental analysis and modeling of micromachined high-Q integrated inductors

Journal Papers
1. Y.-S. Choi and J.-B. Yoon , “Experimental Analysis of the Effect of Metal Thickness on the Quality Factor in Integrated Spiral Inductors for RF ICs”, Electron Device Letters, Vol.25, Issue 2, pp.76-79 (2004)